surf school

Learn to surf - Let's have fun

The feeling of standing on the board for the first time is simply indescribable. It will never let you go again. Our daily routine? After a rich breakfast we take our surfer bus to the best surf spots to the Algarve. Our experienced surf coaches will explain to you what to look out for on the beach and after a few dry practice sessions you’ll be in the waves. The adventure can begin…

Learn to Surf

Surf lesson

The lessons take place daily and are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers, and take place in small groups of up to 20 participants. After the warm-up and a short introduction, we start with dry training before finally starting the first waves. The necessary equipment will of course be provided free of charge. Surfing relaxes and is a lot of fun: you let the seemingly infinite freedom in the vastness of the ocean have its effect on you, the waves drift and the sea breeze blows around your nose. Surfing will not only overpower you with calmness and serenity, but you will also strengthen your patience, concentration and endurance. It also promotes fitness: the most important surf fitness exercises are called Power Paddle, Take Off Push-up, Take Off Knee Crunch and Indo Balance. The aim of these exercises is to prepare the body for the normally wobbly surfing surface. After an exciting day with a lot of new impressions we return to the camp around 5 pm.

Where do we surf?

Surf Spots

Depending on the weather we choose the best surf spot every day. This includes: West Coast, South Coast, Aljezur, Amado, Sagres, Raia de Rocka and others.